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May 2, 2010

Rohto Ironman 70.3 California

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March 27, 2010
Oceanside, California

282 07:11:37

My first 70.3 was truly a magical experience, don’t get me wrong it was difficult but really cool.

The swim was started off well but after about 5 minutes of swimming I realized that I did not put anti-fog drops in to my goggles, you can imagine what I was thinking until bam just like in the old batman movies I see stars. I got smacked in the nose and kicked in the head, for good measure. I did not care about goggles at that point. After cleaning up by bloody nose and un-fogging my goggles of I go to complete the swim.

The bike, everything was going well until mile 30. The hill was steep and I was not prepared for it. I was crawling, barley moving 4mph, halfway through I stopped and walked up the hill, disgraceful (I know). I knew at that point I was toast and it showed the rest of the bike leg. The additional hills hit me hard, I felt like I was climbing the mountain pass in France that Lance did.

I was exhausted as I rolled into T2 and took me almost six minutes to put on my compression socks and shoes. I almost stopped running after reaching the first mile marker but something kept me moving. The run was slow and painful, not even close to where I wanted to be.

The finish was kind of cool, I did it, RunFatboyRun. Smile

Lessons learned: to many to list.

Must use bodyglide and sunblock 50 everywhere, love this stuff “Hawaiian Island Creations 2X Sunblock, SPF 50 Lotion”.
I forgot to bodyglide my neck and I have this irritation from the wetsuit, looks like someone tried to hang me.

Day before the race Jacob and I headed out to the expo. I was able to meet some pros and get some pictures and talk to them for a bit. They are almost like you and I except they race extremely fast.

Samantha McGlone and Michellie Jones where just amazing and funny. I congratulated Mirinda Carfrae on her win and she actually asked me how I fared and what I found most challenging. I spoke to her and Richie Cunningham for almost five minutes. Magical experience!

BIG Shout out to Jacob 06:24:16, first 70.3… not bad at all.

Well that all folks. Thank you. GO JERSEY SHORE!


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